Over the years KHIDMAH Industrial Services have invested heavily in bespoke equipment to allow us to keep at the forefront of the market. This equipment has allowed us to offer a larger range of services giving our clients a more efficient experience as a one-stop contractor. Whether the works are a term contract or a one off tank clean all works regardless of size or value are treated with the upmost professionalism and commitment.


Hydraulically Driven Dozer

The KHIDMAH Industrial Services dozer is an certified entry minimisation system for removal of heavy sludges in tanks including… Read More

Manway Cannon Sytems

KHIDMAH Industrial Services can offer the manway cannon with sludge profiling and quantification service is a remote method for…Read More

Orbital Tank Spinning

KHIDMAH Industrial Services have a range of rotary jet nozzles for tank cleaning with bespoke frames to ensure maximum coverage… Read More


Sludge Extraction

KHIDMAH Industrial Services have the specialist equipment and expertise required to extract and transfer the solid heavy oil sludges. Read More

Sludge Pre – Treatment

To aid the drying the waste and the recovery of hydrocarbons KHIDMAH Industrial Services have a bespoke pre-treatment system. Read More

Centrifuge Technology

KHIDMAH Industrial Services can offer recovered oil and a dry waste after treating the sludge and passing it through a centrifuge. Read More

Water Jetting

Surface Cleaning & Peparation

KHIDMAH Industrial Services can provide High Pressure Water Jetting or Ultra High Pressure if required to clean and prepare various… Read More

Specialist Cleaning

Pipework, Heat Exchangers, Tube Bundles, Condensers and Fin Fans are a few of the specialist items KHIDMAH Industrial Services can clean. Read More

Cold Cutting

Using HP water and abrasive can cut though any surface without generating heat. Read More

Associated Services

Catalyst Handling

Using air conveying KHIDMAH Industrial Services can remove and recharge catalyst and the associated media… Read More

Lagoon Remediation

Removing sludge from lagoon, basins and pit is a specialist task KHIDMAH Industrial Services have vast experience and options to… Read More

Emergency Response

KHIDMAH Industrial Services can provide a professional service responding to your spills, incidents, and environmental emergencies. Read More